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Project “Learning Lab for Integration” is created to deal with different aspects of the problem of integration of disabled people into society in participating countries and whole European Union.

Project consortium consist of four participant organizations with common operational goals each representing different approaches on national, local and organization levels:

General aim of the project is to contribute to the integration of the people with different disabilities into society, education activities and labour market.

Specific objectives of the project:

Main target groups of the project:

Main activities: to reach the project targets will be research, study visits to consortium partners, elaboration of the On-line Methodology Lab, Pilot Training course, Back-up events in each partner country, public awareness campaign. As horizontal activities treating all the project issues evaluation, dissemination and exploitation activities can be mentioned. Project will last for 2 years, and it is expected that its outcomes will persist after the end of the project creating “cascade effect” for project beneficiaries.